Friday, October 17, 2014

[Giveaway] Citrus Lane Gift Box Subscription

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Moms' Night Out" MOVIE Giveway!!!!

As many of you know, a while back, I was chosen to attend a private screening of the amazingly creative and funny movie Moms' Night Out. This was the FUNNIEST movie I have seen in a longgggg time!!! It was also filmed in Birmingham, Alabama, and since I am very familiar with Birmingham from having lived in Alabama for several years, I enjoyed being able to say, "Hey! I know where that is!" LOL One of the great things about this movie is that it is completely family-friendly. It is rated PG, but that is only because of a few action scenes that are in it. There are no sexual/drug/alcohol themes, no violence, and no profanity. It is a completely clean comedy about the wonderful and hilarious lives of MOTHERS. As a mother, I could totally relate!

You can read my entire review of Moms' Night Out here.

 Recently, I was contacted by Lovell-Fairchild Communications and asked to share my review and add in a giveaway for one of my lucky readers. They provided me 2 copies of the 2-disk Blu-ray/DVD of Moms' Night Out; one for me to keep and one for me to giveaway. I received no other compensation.

One lucky reader will be randomly selected to receive ONE SEALED COPY, as shown below, of Moms' Night Out. To be eligible for this awesome giveaway, simply comment below. I will choose ONE reader randomly and contact the reader for shipping information.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Purex Insiders Promotion- Back to School Shopping with #Target #Cartwheel #Coupon

As a Purex Insider, I've been chosen to help spread the word about this great back to school promotion! In exchange for my assistance with getting the word out about this awesome promotion, I'll be entered in a drawing for a chance at a gift card prize. No other monetary or product benefits were provided to me for my time.

Back to school has already started for some, but if your kids are like mine, then you still have a few weeks left before school starts back again! With back to school comes school supply lists...oh, the dreaded school supply lists! All of the stuff your kids need, plus the little extras that the teachers and schools now want parents to supply (which, by the way, are NOT mandatory...just a FYI), and all of those lovely supplies add up to lots of money! What parent DOESN'T need help...just a little bit? Well, #Target #Cartwheel and #Purex have come to the rescue!

What is #Target #Cartwheel? Well, I can tell you exactly what it is since I also use it! It is an app that you can download to smart phones. It provides you with a running list of coupons and discounts that you can have the cashier scan on your phone and apply to your order...every time you shop! Oh, and don't forget to use your paper coupons on top of that!!! Save some more money!!! It's a free app, and it's a life saver, especially if you shop at Target a lot!

Now through the end of August, you can get 10% off any Purex detergent at Target stores with a #Cartwheel coupon! That coupon can be downloaded here. Start back to school the smart way...SAVE SOME MONEY! Help your friends and family out too! Share this blog so they can get their coupon too!

To find more great savings for back to school and all of your other family needs, check out Target's website .

To learn more about all of the great products that Purex has to offer, click here!

Happy #back to school shopping!

Purex Insiders Coupon Giveway & Review- Dial Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Body Wash

As a member of Purex Insiders, I have been chosen to try out and provide a product review for Dial Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Body Wash. In exchange for my product review, I received one FREE full sized bottle of Dial Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Body Wash to try out and coupons for FREE full sized bottles of Dial Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Body Wash to provide to my blog readers. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.

Dial Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Body Wash is the newest member of the Dial Coconut Water line of products. Coconut water is known to be very rich in antioxidants and electrolytes that help to provide and replenish hydration. Mango is also known to be rich in nutrients and has a delicious smell! So what better way to hydrate your skin than to use an amazingly fresh-smelling product that contains coconut water AND mango?

When I first opened the bottle, it literally brought to mind memories of laying on the beach, which was wonderful because this is the first summer in several years that we have NOT been to the beach! So, taking a little mini-vacation every time I shower is a wonderful way to "get away"! Once I lathered the body wash onto my skin, I could feel the refreshing mango and the hydrating coconut water replenishing my skin that has been dried by other products. It was so blissful! I love how it makes my skin feel so smooth afterwards!
Now you, my blog reader, can enjoy a relaxing "mini-vacation" too! To have a chance at receiving a coupon for ONE FREE Dial Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Body Wash 11.75 oz size or larger, please comment below with one "relaxing" or "blissful" memory you have from this summer or a previous summer. I will pick winners randomly!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Purex Insiders Product Review- "Spellbinders Celebra'tions" by Richard Garay

As a Purex Insider, I was chosen to try out a new product called "Spellbinders Celebra'tions" and to give a product review of the product. Spellbinders Celebra'tions provided 2 sample products for me to try out and another product for me to give away in a blog giveaway. My opinions of this product are my own. I did not receive any other compensation.
Spellbinders Celebra'tions is "a complete collection of dies, stamps, paper, inks and accessories all coordinated to work perfectly together to create one-of-a-kind cards, gifts, scrapbook layouts and more." (You can check out their creative website for the complete line of crafting projects and products that they carry.)

I received 2 different kits to put together. One was "Celebrate Party Hat Card," and the other was "Best Day Ever Treat Bag." My daughter is an avid crafter and loves to create different projects. When she saw these kits, she asked if she could do them, so I let her. I told her that I would let her help to review these, therefore, all of the statements in regards to these projects were stated by my daughter. :)

The first kit, "Celebrate Party Hat Card," was the easiest of the 2 kits, by far. However, in the kits that we were provided, the sequins for this kit were actually located in the kit for the 2nd project. My daughter enjoyed making this kit, but she said that it should have included more sticky tabs. She said that the flower on the cone does not stay stuck to the card very well, She said that the rope that came with the project was not that easy to use (and she uses a lot of ropes, threads, and cords in her crafting). She ended up not using the rope for the project because it was frustrating her.

The second kit was the "Best Day Ever Treat Bag." My daughter did NOT enjoy this project at all. Honestly, this craft's instructions are not very clear. Also, the materials for this craft are very cheap looking. It looks like someone just printed them off a printer or copied them on a machine. I would not choose to buy this kit. That is my own personal opinion though. I was not pleased with the quality or the looks of this kit. This kit did not come with the foam square sticky tabs that it was supposed to come with, so my daughter was unable to complete it the way it was intended. This kit was just a bust! She tried her best though!

The final creations are below. All in all, my and my daughter's opinions of the products that were sent to me are that they are not the best quality; however, the other products that are offered on the company's website may be a lot better. I think we will stick to the local craft and hobby shops for our supplies.
I will be giving away a Spellbinders Celebra'tions 15 piece "Many Words" clear polymer stamps set (as pictured to the left in the photo above this paragraph). To enter this giveaway simply comment below with one way that you would use these clear polymer stamps. I will randomly choose ONE winner to send this set to. Please include an email address that I can contact you at!!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Public Thanks to Milwaukee Tool Company

One of my dear friends is married to a wonderful man named Tim, who just so happens to be employed by an awesome company called Milwaukee Tool, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tim is a very generous man and has a soft spot in his heart for our U.S. military members. After finding out that my husband was a Wounded Warrior who loves building things, Tim went into action to get Milwaukee Tool to help donate tools to my husband. My friend, Tim's wife, emailed me one day and asked if my husband had any tools. I told her that he didn't and that he had been borrowing his dad's tools to build stuff around our home. She told me that her husband and Milwaukee  Tool wanted to surprise my husband with some new tools of his own, as a thanks for his service. So, last week, my friend and her husband personally delivered this batch of amazing tools to my husband. Thank you so much, Milwaukee Tool and Tim, for supporting our military members and my Wounded Warrior husband!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Wounded Warrior Project REALLY DOES Help Wounded Soldiers/Vets & Their Families!

Wounded Warrior Project
I just wanted to take this time to talk about something that really has bothered me. I have been seeing a lot of negative postings on social media in regards to the Wounded Warrior Project. I will first say that my husband is a 2-time combat wounded, Purple Heart recipient (Medically Retired) Veteran of the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars. My husband, our children, and I are all alumni of the Wounded Warrior Project; therefore, I speak from personal experience with the program.

Wounded Warrior Project was started to help comfort our wounded-in-action military members while they were being hospitalized for their wounds. Volunteers would hand out care packages that had toiletries and other items that the service members would need while in the hospital. The care packages were to help the wounded know that someone was there for him or her and that someone cared. When my husband was wounded in action in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2013, he was hospitalized for a few days. While he was there, he received one of these care packages. In fact, he still has most of the stuff that came in that care package.

Wounded Warrior Project not only helps our heroes with VA claims, financial help when needed, help finding jobs, mentoring, therapeutic events, caregiver support, combat stress aide, and many other topics, but they also offer family-bonding events/warrior-bonding events/caregiver-bonding events for the family, warrior and caregiver! We have been blessed by Wounded Warrior Project and given the opportunity to take some amazing trips with Wounded Warrior Project, all expenses and travel were always provided, and not only did we have some absolutely wonderful times but also met some amazing friends too!

Some people feel the need to spread propaganda around that speaks negatively about Wounded Warrior Project, but I want to speak, as someone WWP has helped, to let everyone know that this is one organization that stands behind its mission and purpose!

*** Wounded Warrior Project did NOT pay me or ask me to endorse their organization or to write this blog post about their organization. I did this on my own. I am a PROUD supporter and alumni of Wounded Warrior Project!***

Here is a list of just some of the things we have done with WWP so far:
  • Swimming with the dolphins in the Florida Keys (family event)
  • Winter Soiree Formal Ball with overnight stay & delicious 5 star-waiter-served food & drinks (couples event)
  • Private theater-screening of "The Nut Job" (family event)
  • Easter egg hunt at Callaway Gardens, GA (family event)
  • Caregivers Spa Retreat (Fri-Sun) at 5 star ocean-side spa resort with spa treatments in Mobile, Alabama (caregiver only event)
  • 5 Day trip to Culinary Institute of America in Poughkeepsie, New York to learn to cook fine dining/5 star food from top chefs (couples event- unfortunately, our stay was cut short due to a health issue, so we only got to stay for 1-1/2 days)
Here's a glimpse (with photos) of some of the stuff we have done!

****Culinary Institute of America, Poughkeepsie, NY****
My husband and I, in our CIA/WWP chef uniforms, waiting for class to start
One of the cafeterias- used to be a monastery a lifetime ago

My husband and I preparing to cook!

Some of the food that our team made!

 Our bag of goodies that CIA and WWP gave us to take home!

        ****Caregiver Spa Resort Retreat****              

I had such a blast sailing!

Everyone had so much fun!

WWP loaded us ladies up with some wonderful spa and relaxation gifts!

One portion of the beautiful Grand Hotel Marriott, where we stayed.

I absolutely LOVED the spa day!

Our beautiful farewell dinner!
****Swimming with Dolphins (family trip) in Florida Keys****
Our daughter kissing our dolphin Santini

My husband swimming with Santini

Here I am swimming with Santini!
Our family with Santini, our dolphin!

Our son kissing Santini